Five Reasons to Add the Whisky Extravaganza to Your List

After a few temperamental teases, colder weather is finally gracing Dallas with its presence. Besides tucking away summer attire, and pulling out tights, sweaters and boots, this means blessing our bones with grub that sticks and drinks that warm. The Whisky Extravaganza, which comes to Dallas on October 18th, focuses on the latter of that sentiment. Held at the stunning event venue Sixty Five Hundred, on Cedar Springs Rd., the event will showcase over 100+ expressions for a whisky wonderland your palate won’t soon forget. Unlimited Samples Come ready to sniff, whiff and wet your whistle with hundreds of whiskies. During the event, you can enjoy unlimited samples, so be sure…

Sushi Marquee is an Edible Love Letter to the 80s

  Sushi Marquee 4 Stars The best things that ever happened, happened in the 80s and early 90s. From the creepily joyful delight of Teddy Ruxpin to a few not so well matched high schoolers dancing across their library on a Saturday morning during detention. And let us never forget the iconic throaty laughter of a comedian named Eddie Murphy whose timely humor and bs behavior could be seen in a variety of action packed hits during the era. Combine all of those fuzzy feelings from the 80s and early 90s with sake and chopsticks plus a patio that’s like totally rad and you’ve entered Sushi Marquee. Located inside Jerry…