There it was, dripping in stringy white deliciousness, just beckoning for me to come and get it. Something had to be done. And honestly, I’m sure we both knew it. The connection was made. In less time than it takes to think, I was all over it, filling myself up like I’d never been filled before. MMMM-sweet ecstasy.

The gooey thick mozzarella and petite pepperoni slid around my palate. A sexy threesome of honey, fresh garlic and dough sent my taste buds into overdrive.

It happened. Suddenly my tongue broke into random joy. It was alive. And it was dancing. My eyelids closed in silent thrill as my teeth chomped down once more on this perfect pepperoni pie.

This wasn’t the first time my tongue gyrated. It happens anytime, every time something ridiculously delicious hits my lips. Enough was enough.

I love food. Love to eat it. Love to cook it. And in the process of all this love, it dawned on me, FOOD IS SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR. Particularly amazing food (because honestly, why waste life eating something that is just for sustenance). And so began Texas Megabites.

Texas MegaBites is a site dedicated to the discussion of amazing food and amazing drinks across Texas. We are all about MEGA LOVE FOR TEXAS GRUB. 

Texas Megabites prides itself on being “the forgotten chef’s voice.” We’re the voice of the restaurant that wasn’t featured as a top 10 eatery in town because it was simply overlooked.

So folks we ask that you prepare your palate and your bellies for this little ditty of a TONGUE DANCE.

The wine is just fab doll.
This Merlot is the bees knees.