Jia Brings Jia to Park Cities

There’s a lounge in Dallas where you can drink smooth Malbec, chill in a gorgeous atmosphere and munch on exceptionally creamy, crabby wontons. Having recently moved from China, Jia Huang decided to bring her take on modern Chinese cuisine to Dallas in her first restaurant, Jia Modern Chinese. Located in Park Cities, Jia does not particularly “cater” to American taste buds, but rather expands them. Open seven days a week, Jia’s has both a traditional and swanky feel, striking a delicate balance that can be tasted in the cuisine and marveled at in the décor. When walking inside, your eyes may escape to the deep red walls, which tastefully compliment…

A Wok on the Moon at Moon Wok

Moon Wok-Rated 3 Stars Ten bucks. That’s the limit. I folded my little loot, bounced in Old Blue and met my pals at Moon Wok. Arriving a few minutes before them, I took a gander around this place. Not too shabby, but teetering closer to a hole in a wall than a palace. It’s about the food not the ambiance. A massive version of their menu covers one stretch of wall. I grabbed a seat at the booth right above the huge menu. Reading it, I grinned with glee. I tucked at the wrinkled bill in my coat and realized I had more than enough for a feast. Once my…