There’s a lounge in Dallas where you can drink smooth Malbec, chill in a gorgeous atmosphere and munch on exceptionally creamy, crabby wontons. Having recently moved from China, Jia Huang decided to bring her take on modern Chinese cuisine to Dallas in her first restaurant, Jia Modern Chinese. Located in Park Cities, Jia does not particularly “cater” to American taste buds, but rather expands them.

Open seven days a week, Jia’s has both a traditional and swanky feel, striking a delicate balance that can be tasted in the cuisine and marveled at in the décor. When walking inside, your eyes may escape to the deep red walls, which tastefully compliment the dark wooden tables and chairs. But on to the real reason for visiting Jia, the grubbage. Southern Chinese and Szechwan fare are the superstars on this menu. As far as appetizers, you can’t miss with the yummy Wok Blistered Shishito Peppers. Served with their signature dumpling sauce, they give you a taste of fire without getting scorched. The Pork Wontons in Szechwan Chili Sauce are also notable choices. If you’re seeking meatless options, the crispy Amoy Spring Rolls are filled with cabbage, carrots, sprouts and green onions, or, you can chomp your chopsticks on the lightly fried Salt and Pepper Tofu.

When it comes to main courses, Jia has something for the very veggie to the constant carnivore. Seafood options on the menu are primarily shrimp involved. For instance, the Shrimp with Snow Peas is made with a classic light base that pairs well with the Chicken Fried Rice. Go big with the chili sauce doused prawns, or get meaty with the tender Pepper Beef, mixed with bell peppers and onions. The chicken dishes lean towards the traditional with a Jia twist. You’ll find that the authentic Szechwan Signature Kung Pao Chicken is exceptional, along with the Orange and General Tso’s Chicken dishes.

While you have the option to dine downstairs, the real fun happens upstairs in Jia’s lounge. Making your way up the stairs, you’ll be met by stunning floral light fixtures, the perfect greeting to the area. It’s a cozy space that opens up into an even cozier balcony overlooking the traffic riddled Park Cities. The best part of the lovely lounge is its full bar with a not so shabby wine collection. For something sassy to sip, order the Hongkong Mule, made with Tito’s, iichiko silhouette shochu, cucumber juice, smoked ginger ale, lime and fresh ginger. It definitely gives the Moscow something to think about. But, if you are a fan of the classics, try the Old Fashioned or Manhattan, both of which can be found on the happy hour menu that happens 7 days a week from 4 PM till 7 PM.

Jia’s may not be especially different from what you’re used to when it comes to Chinese food but, this place still stands out. The dishes aren’t overly sauced, too sweet or even fried beyond flavor recognition. Here, they offer the total package, atmosphere, décor, cocktails and good food. Throw in a lounge and some outdoor scenery, and you’ll likely find that Jia’s hits the jackpot. TXmB