Grimaldi’s Enter’s Toyota Music Factory

Grimaldi’s is a pizza chain worth visiting. This is coming from a local restaurant and bar infatuated millennial. Recently the eatery made its way to Irving’s new Toyota Music Factory, giving us yet another reason to salivate over this space.  Before my visit, I’d never eaten at Grimaldi’s before, so I was pleasantly surprised by their wine selection. It’s not massive, but they do have a few of my favorites including the popular red blend 19 Crimes and the sexy If You See Kay from Lazio, Italy. My pal Mo Barrow and I decided to go with the highly recommended cabernet, Educated Guess. The flavor is fairly robust, earthy and dry.…

A Peak at Big Beat Dallas

  In a couple of weeks you will have the option of eating true Texan style brisket 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That includes after a late night of boozing and Bankhead Bouncing. The moment you flap your eyes open on any given day at any given time, tender, smoky brisket will be possible. Let that sink in for a second. Or better yet, get up and get yourself some brisket at this very moment, just because you can. Specializing in “Old Stove” recipes, Texas Jam House isn’t just dishing out brisket 24 hours a day, they’ve got a variety of classic Texas dishes. Including a meatloaf…