The Biscuit Bar Bedazzles with Buttery Biscuits

The Biscuit Bar – 5 Stars Few things in this edible existence are worse than biting into a dry biscuit. You will require no less than a gallon of water to wash down the unpleasantness. But, when a biscuit is buttery and soft with just the right amount of crispness, then you have found a beautiful, beautiful biscuit and chances are, you’re eating it at The Biscuit Bar. A place that serves biscuits, tots, and alcohol on tap sounds too deliciously carby and boozy to be true. But, alas it is. Located inside The Boardwalk at Granite Park in Plano, owners Jake and Janie Burkett are serving up comfort one…

A Glimpse at Heritage Pizza and Taproom

Heritage Pizza and Taproom – 5 Stars $$ There are some that will argue, pizza is pizza. And to those foolish folks, you’ll need to shut their pie hole by stuffing a delicious slice of The Heritage in it. Located in Plano, Heritage Pizza isn’t just serving your standard pizza pies. You’ll be introduced to pies like The Cowboy, a fantastic mixture of buffalo sauce, boneless wings, bacon, blue cheese, sharp cheddar, celery and their Summer Camp Ranch. It’s basically hot wings in the form of a pizza. Who could ask for more? And even if you’re not one to typically ride the veggie train, the Sante Fe crowned with…

Fair Food Goes Gourmet at Sea Breeze

  Once a year locals around this state take a vow to engulf their taste buds in the deep fried pleasures that can only be found at the State Fair of Texas. Among the most common of these pleasantries are corny dogs and to a lesser extent French fries. With their addition of two new menu items, Plano based Sea Breeze is adding their own seafood spin on these two fair favorites. Sea Breeze is a place that has an ease about itself. It’s not a fru fru, pretentious seafood restaurant, but somewhere patrons feel like regulars. A small but fully stocked bar sits to one corner of the restaurant…