Claire, a kid, and the Cucumber Vesper.
Every single bite of the HOT HOT Chicken is magic.
Happy, happy stuff.
Diving in.
It may not look like it, but there's a biscuit among the meat. The Rough Night.
But can we talk about the tator tots?
Owner Jake Burkett and his daughter Blake.
The Buffalo Blue Chicken Biscuit speaks for itself.
The mayo based Chicken Salad Biscuit is made with green onions, grapes, cranberries and toasted pecans.
Yup, that is French Toast made from a biscuit. It's a sweet wonder.
They don't call it The Hoss for nothing kids.
The Hot Hot Chicken and the Fully Loaded Tots are a messy southern deep fried dream together.
Serving up a little Nanner Puddin'

The Biscuit Bar – 5 Stars

Few things in this edible existence are worse than biting into a dry biscuit. You will require no less than a gallon of water to wash down the unpleasantness. But, when a biscuit is buttery and soft with just the right amount of crispness, then you have found a beautiful, beautiful biscuit and chances are, you’re eating it at The Biscuit Bar.

A place that serves biscuits, tots, and alcohol on tap sounds too deliciously carby and boozy to be true. But, alas it is. Located inside The Boardwalk at Granite Park in Plano, owners Jake and Janie Burkett are serving up comfort one fluffy biscuit sandwich at a time. Biscuits here are stuffed with everything from the traditional bacon, eggs and cheese to southern fried chicken, a burger patty, ham, turkey, pulled pork, bacon, tots, cheddar and house sausage gravy, and that’s all in one biscuit aptly called The Rough Night. Obviously, that’s made for true, real life hardcore meat lovers, or someone trying to cure last nights dance with Tito’s and Jack.

But, rest assure, even if you’re not a crazy meat lover, and you want something outside of bacon and eggs, you shan’t be disappointed. Fried chicken is kind of a big deal here, so you’ll find it gracing the menu a few times. The Chicken & Not – A – Waffle is their sweet and savory spin on a classic. Southern fried chicken tops off a biscuit French toast. Syrup is optional. Buffalo sauce and creamy blue cheese cole slaw make the messiness all worth it in the Buffalo Blue Chicken Biscuit. And then, there’s my personal favorite, The Hot Hot Chicken Biscuit. Nashville style hot chicken comes together with dill pickles and a very yummy house made ranch, it’s topped off with a very happy smile on your face.

The biscuits alone are a meal. But, you’d do yourself a disservice if you didn’t try the tots. Your fork will find a happy home inside The Fully Loaded Style, which are dripping in cheddar cheese sauce, double gobs of crispy bacon, sour cream and green onions. Or take it down south with the Southern Style tots made with sausage gravy, cheddar cheese and green onions. Even sweet potatoes get it on the fun, in their Holiday Style, made with brown sugar and pecan streusel and finished off with toasted marshmallow. Is it Christmas yet?

Of course, you can’t have all of this diet debilitating goodness without something marvelous to wash it down with. True to the southern comfort feel of the place, drinks are served in mason jars. Cocktails, coffee, wine and even kambucha are served on tap. If you’re going for the cocktails, which is highly recommended, then start with the Cucumber Vesper. It’s hella sneaky marrying gin, lime vodka, lime and cucumber. If tequila is your jam, you’ll find joy in the fruity, subtly sweet Blackberry Tequila Smash.

After biscuits, tots, and booze, it probably sounds like sheer insanity to consider dessert. Still, consider it. Especially, the Nanner Puddin’. Creamy and charmingly perfected with vanilla pudding, bananas, and ‘Nilla wafers, grandma would definitely approve.

It’s difficult to pull off a damn good banana pudding. It’s difficult to pull off fluffy mouthwatering biscuits. But, the Burkett’s know how to work it. Pretty soon, the perfect biscuit, will no longer be known as the perfect biscuit, but the perfect Burkett. txMB


Where to find them-5880 TX-121 #102b, Plano, TX 75024

Phone- (469) 238-2227

That whole parking thing – The best thing about visiting Plano is there’s typically a lot free parking in their shopping  centers, Boardwalk at Granite Park is no exception. You’ll be fine.