The Heritage
The Cowboy is the ultimate description of dude food. Buffalo sauce, boneless wings, bacon, bleau cheese, sharp cheddar, celery, and summer camp ranch.
Mama's Meatloaf includes a classic red sauce, homemade meatloaf, sharp cheddar and green onions... you'll be craving this after just one bite.
Beer flights are available at Heritage. They offer some of DFW's best local beers.
All pilled up and waiting for me.

Heritage Pizza and Taproom – 5 Stars


There are some that will argue, pizza is pizza. And to those foolish folks, you’ll need to shut their pie hole by stuffing a delicious slice of The Heritage in it. Located in Plano, Heritage Pizza isn’t just serving your standard pizza pies. You’ll be introduced to pies like The Cowboy, a fantastic mixture of buffalo sauce, boneless wings, bacon, blue cheese, sharp cheddar, celery and their Summer Camp Ranch. It’s basically hot wings in the form of a pizza. Who could ask for more? And even if you’re not one to typically ride the veggie train, the Sante Fe crowned with Avocado Campfire Ranch, garlic, roasted corn, black beans, green chile, red onions, jalapeños, diced tomato and cilantro.

What to Order– We’ve already established that The Cowboy, Santa Fe and The Heritage are classics on crust, but don’t sleep on Mama’s Meatloaf, made with classic red sauce, homemade meatloaf, sharp cheddar and green onions. It’s simple and addictive.

Where to find them– 3750 Plano Pkwy Suite 600, The Colony, TX 75056

Phone- (214) 396-7333

That whole parking thing– Plenty of space in the parking lot so, you’re good to go.