The Art of Envy at One90 Smoked Meats

One90 Smoked Meats – 5 Stars Ten minutes, and a platter. That’s all it took to gain your uncle’s title as pit master. Now officially the reigning champ, you’ve become a hero AKA Smoked Meat God. As the honey baked ham and fried turkey languish in sadness and abandonment, everyone is raving over your smoked brisket. So seasoned, so smoky, and so tender it can be eaten with a spoon. Your uncle now hates you. One90 Smoked Meats isn’t really a barbeque joint in the traditional sense, but more of a smoked meat boutique. They’re not just throwing baby back ribs and their cheddar cheese oozing house poblano sausage on…

The Second Slay at GAPCo

  With their second location, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company has effectively snatched up the pizza cravings of the folks in East Dallas. Like their original location, the new GAPCo continues to slay with their infamous Pizza Slayers. Everything here is made fresh, from scratch daily. Get pesto wasted with the Pesto Sciutto, a welcoming marriage of prosciutto, roma tomatoes, arugula, fresh garlic, and sundried tomatoes. The pie is finished off with pizza crack and parmesan. Cheese lovers will find immediate harmony with the Five Cheese Pizza, a generous mix of stringy mozzarella, feta, parmesan, goat cheese, ricotta and oregano. Few pizza joints can deliver on more than just pie. There’s…

Harvey B’s and the Legend of Char Broiled Burgers

Harvey B’s Rated 4.7 Stars TXMB And here I thought perfect grill lines were just a legend, existing only in television, places that say you can “have it your way,” and intensely filtered Instagram photos. Haven’t you ever wondered if those legends were real, and if there really was such a thing as a real char broiled burger? Harvey B’s is just such a place of legend. Although this legend has only been around a little over four months it’s already drawing quite the interest. Located in East Dallas, Harvey B’s is a tiny joint with something like 5 stools and 4 chairs. There’s not tons of space inside to…