A very cheesy samply tray. It consists of ravioli, cheese bites and pizza poppers.
Chicken Spinach Alfredo Pizza is topped with grilled chicken, spinach and cracked black pepper.
Pesto Sciutto Pizza is topped with pesto sauce, prosciutto, roma tomatoes, arugula, fresh garlic, pizza crack and parm.
Slay queen, queen slay.
The Cesar salad and a tasty garlic knot.
The Margherita Pizza is topped with roma tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil and hand grated parmesan.
We gone slay.
The delightful meatball slider.

With their second location, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company has effectively snatched up the pizza cravings of the folks in East Dallas. Like their original location, the new GAPCo continues to slay with their infamous Pizza Slayers. Everything here is made fresh, from scratch daily. Get pesto wasted with the Pesto Sciutto, a welcoming marriage of prosciutto, roma tomatoes, arugula, fresh garlic, and sundried tomatoes. The pie is finished off with pizza crack and parmesan. Cheese lovers will find immediate harmony with the Five Cheese Pizza, a generous mix of stringy mozzarella, feta, parmesan, goat cheese, ricotta and oregano.

Few pizza joints can deliver on more than just pie. There’s the occasional joy of fried cheese sticks and a head nodding Caesar, but too often there’s not a lot happening past the pie. GAPCo doesn’t play that game. Besides the pizza, you need the lemon pepper wings. Naked crispy wings are tossed in a zesty and admirable version of lemon pepper seasoning. Don’t forget the buttermilk ranch. After one wing dip, you’ll want to put this stuff on everything here, there and everywhere, especially the meatball sliders. Made with pipping fresh garlic knots, these precious, cheesy meaty treasures are stuffed with savory handmade 100% ground beef, mozzarella, parmesan and marinara. You’ve just met your new dependence. Congratulation.

If there’s room, end your grubbing at GAPCo with something big, or rather Colossal. Their Colossal Cheesecake is big enough to share with several people, but if that sweet tooth is truly in need of a fix, keep it all for yourself.

Consistency is key, and slice by slice, meatball by meatball, GAPCO is keeping the good things going at their second location. Old fans, expect more of the same, like the original. Newcomers, just prepare to be slayed. TXmB



Where to find them – 1145 Peavy Road Dallas, Texas 75218

Phone – 214- 324-2726

That whole parking them – The parking lot is quite open. So, thank goodness for that.