Samad Cafe-Rated 4 stars TXmb

Here’s the thing. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, then you will miss it. So folks, I’m telling you now, peel those eyes open a little more than normal if you’re planning on partaking in the tastiness that is Samad Café.

Not much too look at, but, it's home.
Not much to look at, but, it’s home.

Samad Café is the epitome of the term, ‘hole in the wall.’ This place doesn’t actually have a sign, and looks more like a house than a restaurant. The tight space is shared with an auto mechanic. Your only real way of knowing you’re at Samad Café is the tiny black lettering outside the brick establishment reading “Restaurant.”

Loving lamb shank.
Loving lamb shank.

You can tell this is a place where there are plenty of nicknamed beloved regulars who come to Samad’s at least once a week, hence the 26 years of business. Here’s what you won’t find: fancy décor, fancy lighting, and fancy drinks. You’re at someone’s kitchen table, not a restaurant. And menus, forget about it! Samad, (a one man dream team) comes to the table and gives a quick rundown of the food. Chicken or beef kabobs, half chicken, and lamb shank. All items are served with jasmine rice and lentils. Nothing pretentious folks. For my coworkers and me, it was our first time trying Persian/Iranian cuisine. We paused, thought for about 2 minutes each and proceeded to order. Feeling adventurous, I ordered the lamb shank.

Jasmine rice and chicken kebabs sans stick.
Buttery Jasmine rice and chicken kebabs sans stick.
Half chicken marinated in goodness juices.
Half chicken marinated in goodness juices.

Within moments our simplistic brown table was filled with mounds of savory cinnamon spiced buttered

green jasmine rice, tempting grilled chicken kabobs, stew like half chickens and lamb and perfectly browned tortillas. All of which were quite generous in portion size. Both the half chicken and lamb are cooked in a similar sauce. The meat graciously collapses off the bone just as you tear into it. The lamb is melted moistness and tastes even better combined with the rice and its flavorful juices. The chicken breast kabobs were seasoned to perfection, but were not very juicy, somewhat dry . Everything was flavorfully enticing without being overpowered by spices. You can taste the cuisine. You can taste the love. TXMB


Where to find them-2706 Manor Way, Dallas, TX 75235

Phone-(214) 350-6311

That whole parking thing-Samad Cafe is super duper teeny. The parking is also super duper teeny. I would imagine something like 4 cars can get inside of that parking lot. This is indeed a struggle. My suggestion is street parking or have someone run in while you circle the block for
a while.