A few of the refreshingly delicious Kettle One flavors.
Dressed up my cocktail with a lovely edible flower at the Kettle One bar.
Grab and go tiny bottles of Seersucker Gin were probably one of the biggest highlights of this year's event.
Adored this Seersucker cocktail.
Closeup of the Seersucker Cocktail.
And this little piggy stayed home.
When it comes to The Biscut Bar at CFF, folks do not PLAY!
There's something addictively special about that biscuit and the wings. Consistently crowning.
Wine time.
Wagyu made quite the tasty statement this year.
This Karen Coy Sake was smooth and delicately fruity.
This dish was filled with seafood. I got the last one before they packed things up.
New Tito's flavor on deck!
Pouring up the smooth Teeling Whiskey inside the saloon.
Succulent scatterings of fall.
Pretty lady holding Juggernaut, a pretty bottle of wine.
Something else wonderful.
The Rueben taco from Meat Church turned me into a believer.
Mississippi Catfish Unagi Don with Bourbon Barrell Tare.
Once again the pipe band came through to serenade the grubbers.
Serving up a little gnocchi.
The famous Chef John Tesar.
What's cooking good looking?
Mionetto Proseco goes down smooth. It was a bubbly happy surprise.
Stewed Oxtail Cavatelli with sweet potato and peppers was unforgettable.
Lovely Bohemia Babes.
Just two fried bologna sandwiches left.
Unwrapped fried bologna sammich.
It's a family affair. Peep dad getting a little mini photo bomb action.
Happy feelings in the air.
Good looking wine pouring man.
Getting things together at church, Meat Church.
Fell in love with this happy couple during the Main Event.
Farmer life.
Enjoying a sip of Caricature.
Dean Fearing and the Red Souls always gives the event goers a great time.
Earthy greens made this full fall dish pop.
Chef Tesar and his gorgeous family.
Cheers cutie.
Check out those buns.
Biscuits up, plates down.
Audi was one of this year's sponsers for CFF.

Patiently waiting in line to meet up with my devouring destiny, I struck up a conversation with a couple. “We look forward to this event every year,” she happily exclaimed. Though they’d been tempted to attend other grubby galas around town, The Main Event for Chefs for Farmers ALWAYS got their coins. Once again, it was money well spent.

Held at the historic Dallas Heritage Village for the first time, this year appetites were allured by a variety of delicious bites but wagyu beef took center stage. Some took a traditional approach to the tender meat, but others went a cut above, like the Wagyu Beef Gyro Airbread or the Wagyu Beef Cheek paired  with Graburry Pimento Cheese and sweet tea gastrique and celery.

Wagyu held its own, but there were plenty of other captivating contenders cold weather perfect Stewed Oxtail Cavatelli with sweet potatoes and peppers. The Carrot Textures with Short Ribs was stunning to the eyes and salvation to the belly. Who knew that carrots had such depth. The dish featured roasted carrots, compressed carrots, dehydrated carrots and aerated carrots all beautifully placed atop short ribs.

There’s no way to discuss The Main Event without taking a moment at the Biscuit Bar. It’s amazing how one glorious fried chicken wing and one glorious biscuit with fresh honey butter can basically move you to tears of joy. This year pimento cheese and baked apples were part of the fixins, and once again I could have set up a tent and ate each and every morsel of grub the Biscuit Bar handed out.

Washing down the day came from a number of spirits like the playfully fruity Karen “Coy” Sake. I dove into whiskey bliss with the Teeling Cocktail and felt like a flower princess while sipping at the Kettle One Botanical booth.

Each year The Main Event seems to just get better. This year it surpassed better and went straight to legendary. Cheers to another year down and finding the perfect village to call home. TxMb