Executive Chef Tysun Thomas and the crew.
Crispy calamari
Thinly sliced seared Beef Tataki.
Executive Chef Tysun Thomas
Mango Crab Spring Rolls
The Miso Poke Tuna is made with fresh Ahi tuna, marinated in traditional poke sauce, sushi rice, wasabi, heirloom cherry tomatoes, mango hearts on fire, micro greens, mixed peppers and togarashi all served in a cold bowl. This dish pairs well with Black & Gold Sake.
Sea Bass is marinated in miso and sake, slow roasted to golden perfection and served with grilled asparagus and miso wasabi sauce.
Shaken Beef has a sassy sweet flavor, made with cubed tenderloin, it's cooked with onion, young lettuces, cherry tomatoes and crispy shallots. Paired with Van Duzer Pinot Noir.
Shanghai Duck is delightful. Duck is prepared with squash, zucchini, carrots, red onions, broccolini, and topped off with fried eff and togarashi. Served with duck yakitori sauce, it pairs well with Black Stallion Cabernet.
It's all about the roll. The Suzuki Roll is pretty perfect, made with tuna, microgreens, grilled asparagus, yellowtail and avocado. The roll is garnished with crisp fried jalapeno, yuzu, kosho, plated on top of eel sauce, drizzled with ponzu and a dot of sriracha.
Sweet tooth time.

On April 27th a much loved dining destination reopened its doors. Having been around for nearly 20 years, Steel has reemerged from eatery ashes. With a refreshed artistic interior and “loungey” feel, Steel has definitely spruced up their space. But, the changes haven’t stopped there. Enter new Executive Chef Tysun Thomas. Cooking new life into the menu, here are a few things to know about Steel’s Le Cordon Bleu Chef.

What drew you to Steel?

I wanted to share my gifts with an established restaurant like Steel because of my passion for Asian cuisine and the culture, also I have a high regard for the intricacy of making sushi and the quality of the fish and other ingredients.

How long have you been part of the culinary scene in DFW?

I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Dallas five years ago in 2012 and I’ve been working in Dallas ever since.

What are you hoping to prove as a chef?

My goal is to consistently produce high quality dishes at Steel. I’m a detailed-oriented person and want to make sure the presentation of each dish is as pleasing as the taste of the dish.  I try to come out of the kitchen each shift and create relationships with our guests. I want to make sure the guests are happy and having a memorable experience.

Is there a dish that you you’ve perfected?

No dish is ever perfect, but the quality of ingredients that we use to create them can be perfect! We always use the highest quality fresh fish and produce from our local farmers.

What do you think is missing, and what do you think you can contribute to culinary art in DFW?

I want to focus on creating high quality food and be consistent with it. I think that DFW area is a great market to be in, I love to meet with other chefs and share our expertise.

What else would you like people to know about your goals as a chef?

My dream is to open up an American Eatery with a changing menu. We would use all local ingredients and beers and cook off-the-cuff. Every day would be a surprise meal for our guests!



Where to find them-  3180 Welborn St, Dallas, TX 75219

Phone (214) 219-9908

That whole parking thing- You’ll have to valet or park on the street here. It’s Uptown, so that’s expected.