Booze, booze and more booze was the name of the game during the Third Annual Dallas Whiskey and Fine Spirits Festival. It all began at 5:30 PM when two lovely ladies dressed in super cute red flapper styled dresses opened a pair of double doors and asking, “Are you ready to have an amazing time?”

cutty shark cutieInside, my ears were greeted by the very cool and elusive sounds of Cassie Holt and the Lost Souls. After checking my coat, I picked up one of the cute commemorative glasses filled with gaming money, and a drinking card. I’d been salivating over the idea of whiskey all day long, but first I needed caramel. Dallas Caramel Company came bearing two sweet samples, Sea Salt Caramel and Texas Drunken Nut, both of which were palate pleasers. The salted caramel was smooth and luscious, and cooperated beautifully with the sea salt, meanwhile the Texas Drunken Nut was a sleek mix of pecan Whiskey. I could have ravished that entire table. But I held back. Besides, the evening was about booze and costumes. HIGHLAND PARK WHISKEY

I started with the Alabama based Clyde Mays Whiskey. Made in small batches and perfected in oak barrels, it was the perfect introduction into the tasting with its smooth finish. Next I went for Cutty Shark who possibly had the cutest set up of the evening. Closed off and fashioned like an old style bar complete with stringed lights, fake brick walls, tables and handsome 20’s styled bar hands, Cutty completed me. I sampled the Prohibition Edition Blended Scotch Whiskey by itself and then with their specialties Mamie Taylor and Manhattan. The Mamie Taylor was an unforgettable cocktail, meshing with ginger, lime, and the elusive taste of Cutty. Pretty sure it was one of my favorite cocktails of the evening. First Taste Whiskey

Other highlights included the 83 Proof Sweet Tea American XXX Born Moonshine that’s sweetness understood a few boundaries. The J.R. Ewing Bourbon Whiskey aged 4 years, wasn’t too shabby and I’m pretty sure the Dallas character it was named for would be proud. Salado Whiskey, one of the newer kids on the rocks made a splash. The Texas based whiskey was smooth and not at all overpowering. Reilly’s Ginger Whiskey was also another winner. During a quick whiskey break I ventured over to try Dobel Tequila. Jaime Rodreiguez, the kind soul pouring up the smooth stuff, told one hell of an interesting story about this fine spirit making it all the more luscious. And finally one of the most unforgettable tastes of the evening was the Highland Park Dark Orgins Whiskey which had a dense and smoky flavor. Fancy Forearm

After quite a few sips and a rather famished belly, I made my way to a Scotch Egg being served up by the local eatery, Scotch and Sausage. A soft boiled egg, and Italian Sausage encrusted in a deep fried batter of corn flakes topped with honey mustard sauce were the makings of this interesting dish. The taste was surprising and slightly confusing. It was crispy but in some ways a little tough to chew. Additional bites of the evening were Fluellen’s epic cupcakes (Wedding Cake is always amazing) Capital Grille, and Sambuca Several guests made the comment they’d wished there was a little more grub to help wash down their liquor, so you can bet a few folks made their way to the nearest restaurant right after.

Bonnie and ClydeClearly these were just a few of the whiskey washed memories of the night. There was plenty more to see and do including hanging out at the gaming tables, getting a cigar made and snapping shots with Bonnie and Clyde. No doubt it was truly a flashback to the times of opulence and flapper styled fun. TXmb