Rush Patisserie-Rated 4 stars TXMB

[dropcap coloI[/dropcap]t all started as a joke and ended with teeny spoons tied around cutesy thick glass jars. One joke spawned an order of 1500 that ended up shipping across the United States. And just like that the cupcake that never was went from chuckles to cash.

The Un-Cupcake is the sweet wit of Samantha Rush, owner of Rush Patisserie, Pastry Boutique and Cake Salon. A French style Bakery, Rush has plenty of exquisite desserts, including macaroons, tarts, wedding cakes and of course the Un-Cupcake.

A little bit, and a bigger bit of red velvet lovin.
A little bit, and a bigger bit of red velvet lovin.

It comes in several flavors, but most Dallas folks are
coming in for the red velvet. If you ask Samantha, a New York native, she doesn’t get that thrilled about the red stuff. “The first time I saw red velvet cake I was in grad school. My sorority sister had one and I was like ‘Good God, what is that?,’” she said. Samantha explained she was pretty put off by the color me blood red cake. She was such a non-fan of the stuff it took her two years after Rush Patisserie was open to finally make one. “A customer twisted my arm,” she said smiling. Now she can’t make enough of them.

Sure red velvet isn’t her preferred cake,(chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream is) but there is one variation that suites her palate. “The way I like red velvet is with a mascarpone cream which is very light and airy.” Samantha also does a brandied red velvet cake made with a brandy buttercream. Who knew that such delight had ever come together before?

Just another view of the goodness.
Just another view of the goodness.

If you prefer your velvet traditionally topped, the Un-Cupcake doesn’t disappoint. The moist red jar jewels are topped with a smooth cream cheese frosting and dark or white chocolate shavings. The cream cheese plays off a slight tang presented in the cake. Six bucks for a small, $7.50 for a large. No doubt the cheapest price you will pay for spooning. TXmb


Where to find them-1201 El Dorado Dallas, TX. 75208

Phone-(214) 749-4040

That whole parking thing- Parking is limited. This is the Bishop Arts section of town so, yeah. Do what you can guys.