Not everyone gets a kick out of celebrating a holiday made extra famous by sappy cards, teddy bears and chocolates. But, make those chocolates liquor filled and replace that teddy bear with a homemade wagyu steak dinner paired with something potent to sip, well, Valentine’s Day becomes a day truly worth rejoicing in. This year consider skipping the crowds, valet parking, and price fixed menus for an evening in with a few of these local scrumptious options.


Texas Craft Wagyu

If you’re going to pay for a steak, then let it be one that’s aged at least 30 days, marvelously marbled and just as buttery as butter. Texas Craft Wagyu specializes in small batch wagyu beef that’s bred from wagyu cattle in North Texas. Farm owners Ben and Grace Shaw grow their cattle slowly and naturally, so you’re not eating hormones and cow. You’re experiencing wagyu. That’s it. While each steer is different, every cut that comes from the farmers has a clean, robust flavor that goes from the beef through the bone. Oh, and by the way, you can buy the bones too. They’re that good. Texas Craft Wagyu offers a variety of beefy bundles and steak cuts, ranging from ground wagyu patties to their mouthwatering filet mignon. They’re all about keeping things local, so much so that Farmer Ben actually makes the deliveries. All that’s left to figure out is how you will craft your wagyu. $$-$$$



Victoria Chefina Chocolates

Victoria Chefina creates chocolates that set a mood. You may find yourself feeling rather bubbly after a taste of her creamy champagne chocolates. Perhaps you’ll fall into a whimsical spell with her Cognac Cherries. Or, get whisked away in whiskey with her rather robust Whiskey Collection. Having made chocolate for a number of years, along with the support and help of her husband, Michael, Victoria has perfected the craft, creating that ideal blend of smooth chocolate, paired with liquor and sealed with passion. If you’re interested in tasting multiple flavors, consider trying her Build-A-Bar assortment. Simply mix-and-match the different flavors you want to indulge in and build. Each bar is around one shot of liquor, hence that very clever name. New to the assortment are Victoria’s tequila bars. Milk chocolate is raptured with tequila and finished with sea salt. It’s a tequila lovers dream. To get your hands on these handmade delights, contact Victoria via her website, or visit her at one of the local farmers markets, including Dallas Farmers Market. They are also available for local deliveries.  $$ 


Photo courtesy of Pretty Tasty Cakes and Pastries.

Pretty Tasty Cakes and Pastries

The Crack Cookie

When it comes to cooking up a sweet addiction, Marcelina Olan knows how to keep you coming back for one fix after another. The owner and operator of Pretty Tasty Cakes and Pastries specializes in a variety of confections, like moist strawberry cakes and personal sized peach cobblers, but it’s her Butter Pecan Cookies that are truly habit forming. The cookies are soft on the inside with a slight crunchiness around the edges. Upon first bite you’re hit with the sweetness, transformed by the fresh, crispy pecans and made into a melted mass by the buttery finish. It actually takes some serious self control not to devour an entire bag of these life altering cookies in one sitting. So, in case you find yourself scraping crumbs and turning the bag upwards in 20 minutes, just remember you can get your fix nearly every Saturday under The Shed at Dallas Farmers Market or during the week at Aunt Irene’s Kitchen. You can also place orders via phone or email. But, get them quick because I guarantee you’re not the only one in need of a fix. Order via phone at (469)844.0048. $


Potent Pours

There are some cocktails that are more syrup than spirit and there are some cocktails that are more spirit than the spirit should allow. And then there’s the ideal boozy balance that’s found in Potent Pours cocktails. Created by Kimberly Hunter, Potent Pours is a mobile bartending service that’s great for parties, events, or throwing one hell of a mixology class for your best gals. To create her concoctions, Hunter only uses freshly pureed fruits, spices and herbs, so you’re not getting the added sugar that comes along with premade mixes. In case you’re not looking to do a class or throw a shindig, but you’re simply planning a dinner for two this Valentine’s, you may want to consider purchasing your cocktails by the gallon. Look like the hero that you and serve up a few Potent Pours Lychee Martini’s, stick to a classic margarita, or an Old Fashioned cocktail that’s made with mezcal instead of bourbon. You can also simply tell Hunter what your favorite alcohol is and she can whip up something made especially for you. Rest assured, whatever the decision, you’ll be sitting right with your spirit. Order via email at $$-$$$


Anything made by Chef Ty

If you’re not hitched then get ready for a proposal. After presenting that special someone with anything catered from Chef Ty Frazier, the next step is shopping for a ring. Every Sunday during 1011 Grill’s Food for the Soul Sunday’s, the Executive Chef Ty delights taste buds with a number of delectable dishes made with his Louisianan flair, soul and plenty of love. During the week however, Chef Ty recently began Our Door to Yours Catering with Sous Chef and wife, Denise Harper. Enjoy a private dining experience made especially for the two of you in the comfort of your home. Feast on his smooth and creamy shrimp and grits, salivate over his jerked oxtails, or get yourselves in a delicious bind with All Tyed Up. This plate features a filet of Chef Ty’s Signature Fried Catfish laying on a bed of cornbread dressing stuffed with seafood and braised collard greens. It’s All Tyed Up with 6 succulent shrimp and a creamy Cajun sauce. Order via or via phone at (318)469-3283.  $$-$$$