Sauce, mimosas and I’ll go ahead and take ALL of the croissants. Edith’s French Café just gets me. Here are 7 reasons why I can’t no longer live without nearly everything on their menu. P.S., this list could have been much longer.


  1. It’s Beautiful

Sunlight simply pours inside this space, which is ironic considering it was once the pretty dark and mediocre seafood restaurant, Rockfish. It’s bright and happy here, which immediately makes you smile and want to gobble down everything.

  1. Breakfast is Served all DAY LONG

Forking down Ricotta Pancakes with blueberry sausage, berry compote and honey butter at 7 PM on a Wednesday is a thing that you can do here. Egg folks, this is your time to shine.

  1. The Coffee

It’s just essential here. That’s really all you need to know.

  1. Short Rib

Short rib makes multiple appearances on the menu, but its most essential version has to be the Short Rib Poutine. Marinated mozzarella curds dress sweet potato frites and  burgundy braised short ribs. It’s all topped off with brown gravy.

  1. Pastrami Paradise

Not exactly sure what kind of wizardry is used to create this stuff, but, it’s magical. Tender, with a bit of smokiness, the pastrami is divine. Like the short rib, pastrami makes several appearances on the menu, but I’m most grateful for the pastrami sandwich. Made with apple fennel sauerkraut, avocado and white American cheese, taste and texture come alive between slices of buttery toasted brioche bread. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of pastrami on this baby. Served with your choice of hand cut chips, sweet potato fries or a Caesar salad. I went for the Caesar, and it was definitely worth it.

  1. Chicken and the Crossiant

Simple and effortlessly delicious, I could eat this dish during every single visit. Tender, juicy, chicken breast is seasoned and lightly fried and served with a fresh, crispy buttery croissant. The two are topped with a rich raclette cheese sauce. And yes, its every bit as delightfully rich as it sounds and your eyes will probably begin glazing over a bit while forking it down.

  1. Dessert

Your sweet tooth needs to meet the macaroon cake here. It should also get familiar with the buttery, sweet and almondy croissant and plenty of other danishes and sweets. It’s an assault upon your tummy to leave here without trying at least 3 desserts.

BONUS Pommes Frites

Truly, one could be happy simply devouring the frites and nothing more. Fried in duck fat, the fries are tossed in parmesan and white truffle oil for your chomping pleasure. Let them stand alone. Adding ketchup feels a little like an insult. TxMb


Where to find them-5331 E Mockingbird Ln #160, Dallas, TX 75206

Phone-(214) 887-4805

That whole parking thing – Depending on the time you get there, the shopping center has plenty of parking. Otherwise, you may find parking in the garage.