There’s whiskey and there’s cake. The name of this restaurant alone brings joy to my taste buds. Now, Whiskey Cake is spreading that whiskey soaked joy to Irving. The eatery recently opened their sixth location, finally providing the folks of Las Colinas with a little taste. With their latest location, you can still expect to be whisked away by their ever growing whiskey selection. For the grubbers that know, their deviled eggs are still a staple, with the ingredients changing often. One day their filled with smoked salmon, another topped off with fried chicken skin. It’s rather remarkable to know that a deviled egg can be so damn versatile. Other bites include their fried green tomatoes served with remoulade and their subtle but pleasing take on Chicken and Waffles. If you’re not a whiskey lover, that’s unfortunate darling. But, they still have you covered. Try any of their juices, including my fave, the Beet Le Juice, packed with green apples, red beats, yuza juice, local honey and soda. Or, for an extra kick in the britches try the Tequila Rose. It’s light, it’s bright and it will get you right.


What to Order – Even if you get it go, you are required to order the whiskey cake. No exceptions. The mac and cheese here does not disappoint either. All the white wonderful cheese your fork can handle.

Where to find them– 3225 Regent Blvd. Irving, Texas 75063

Phone – (469) 941-2253

That whole parking thing – The parking lot is massive. So, your options are endless.