Whisked Away at Whisk Crepes Cafe

Whisk Crepes Cafe – 4.5 Stars

My first experience with crepes came by way of the 24 hour Dallas eatery, Buzzbrews and their Flying Chicken Crepe. Ideal for a first time “creper”, it is a mixture of fresh spinach, tomato, onion and portabella mushrooms pan sautéed with marinated grilled chicken, rolled into a homemade crepe with mozzarella cheese, then topped off with poblano cream sauce. Eventually my infatuation with this crepe ran its course. In search of another crepe experience, I was none too thrilled about the eggy or sugar filled small thin pancakes that so often appeared on breakfast and brunch menus. And so, the search ended. Then a Parisian man named Julen Eelsen appeared with a Whisk. 

For a little over two years now, Whisk Crepes Café has made its mark inside Sylvan Thirty. Not your standard shopping center, Sylvan Thirty is a combination of artisan, meets living, meets retail space. Complete with an organic grocery market, Sylvan Thirty simply fits Whisk. This primarily has to do with their push in using local ingredients in their dishes. Some of their suppliers include smoked turkey from Cibo Divino, fresh fruits and veggies from Cox Farms and smoked brisket from the delightfully delicious Lockhart Smokehouse. 

When visiting Whisk, it’s all about the mood your taste buds are in. Selections aren’t plentiful, but they range from savory to sweet and your choice of buckwheat or flour. Though buckwheat is traditionally used for French crepes, it can be a little intimidating. It is gluten free and the flavor is rather earthy and slightly gritty, but depending on your menu selection it works well with the ingredients. You have the option of making your own crepe, but during the first few visits, I recommend trying one of the selections already on the menu. The smoked brisket crepe is one of the top sellers. Marrying the infamous Lockhart Brisket with queso fresco, mozzarella, pickles, jalapeños and barbeque cream, it works on buckwheat or flour.

Lox lovers can find appreciation in the smoked salmon crepe made with scrambled eggs, gruyere, chives, capers, creme fraiche and greens. This interesting blend of tartness from the capers, smokiness from the salmon and smoothness of the cheese and eggs is surprisingly nice. But, if you’re really seeking something that you and your fork will be thankful for order the cantaloupe and prosciutto crepe. This specialty crepe is served on buckwheat only and combines plenty of texture and taste from the parmesan, hazelnuts and honey. Topped off with greens and balsamic, it’s as guiltless at it gets. 

Surprisingly, Whisk has a rather detailed rosé and cider selection. Eelson carefully selects all of his ciders and it shows for example the Christian Drouin Cidre isn’t overly sweet, and tastes like a cross between a sweet cider and a brut champagne. It pairs well with the cinnamon apple and lemon curd dessert crepes.

Whisk has brought something unique to Dallas. Marrying fresh local ingredients to a traditional French dish, you can’t be disappointed when visiting here. Whisk is a place that takes you out of your comfort zone and educates the palate on the intricacies of the thin pancake. Make time to get whisked away. TXmB


Where to find them-F120, 1888 Sylvan Ave, Dallas, TX 75208

Phone- (469) 407-1899

That whole parking thing – The lot is pretty large, so parking should not be an issue for you. 






Author: Brittani Robinson

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