The Ultimate Cocktail Experience 2016

Sipping, whipping and grooving. Those are my most dominating memories from the Ultimate Cocktail Experience. Held at Klyde Warren Park, the fifth annual drinking event raises money for Triggers Toys, programs that help children around the country. This year’s competitive drinking event took people on a trip around the world via booze. They included Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Bar concepts for each continent were memorable, taking the word theme to another level. I started with a Happy Ending in Asia, also known as a shot of Fernet topped with whipped cream to sipping a spot of tea in Europe. Take a look back on the only trip around the world where you don’t have to worry about jet lag. TXMB  

One of my favorite bartenders, Diana, pouring up something tasty in South America.
People playing big chess Europe.
Enjoying a nice spot of tea.
Meanwhile in North America.
First you get spanked, then you get a shirt. It's the North American way.
How you dance after visiting five continents in one day.
Hugging it out.
A little something pretty from South America. Isn't that flower purtty?
Alhough I'd had my bacon cheese fry fix earlier that day at GoodFriends in preperation for some alcohol soaking, I could not, NOT get one of these fatties from Gandolfo's food truck. The Butcher's Son was also calling me name.
Caption this.
Three guys and an arm having a good time.
When you're trying to do the right thing but temptations keep coming for you.
Still hanging.