Mamamango-Rated 5 stars TxmB

The most important person in Texas you will ever meet is the pool keeper. Yes, this is a made up term, but it applies, bear with me. If you are indeed a person that lives in Texas, you are aware of the heat, yes? And if you are a person that lives in Texas who does not have a pool you become 900% more aware of the situation. Smart people without pools know, you have to be cordial and wonderful to at least five people with pools, hence the term pool keeper. Five is a good number because it gives you options. Upon trying to charm the pool keeper, you may need to tantalize them. You have to show you are worthy of pool time. You have to buy Mamamango.

Pouring up the mango.
Pouring up the mango.

Mamamango is essential for all pool goers. This bottle of goodness covers every summer necessity. It is the marriage of sweet juicy mango and spunky sparkly moscato. Best served chilled and shaken, after the first sip, you will immediately decide to drink the entire bottle. Something about bubbles and the mango are just so wonderful. Mamamango is best served chilled, again, another reason why it’s the perfect poolside beverage. This is an Italian wine, I have yet to find it anywhere other than the infamously awesome Jimmy’s Food Store in Dallas. A bottle will run you about $10.99. So, stock up and get to getting acquainted with some pool keepers. Once they try this, you’ll have pool privileges for life. TXMB


Go get some- Jimmy’s Food Store, 4901 Bryan St, Dallas, TX. 75206


That whole parking thing-Beware of parking here, it’s minimal, difficult and hectic. I’d suggest having someone drive you there and make the block or really be on the lookout for street parking.