A few of the Prescriptions for whatever is ailing you.
A few of the Prescriptions for whatever is ailing you.

Henry’s Majestic-4.5 Stars TXMB

Tucked in the corners of McKinney there is a rather hidden but well-known gem. I should rephrase, for me being a rather unfortunate soul at directions it is pretty hidden. I had to ride around the neighborhood about 15 additional minutes to find the place, despite my phone navigation declaring that the destination was on the left. Once I found Henry’s Majestic, it wasn’t long after that I realized I’d found magic.

Arriving around 5:45PM, the evening began with a kind greeting from a valet attendant. Because of course, you’re not Dallas unless you have valet. We clearly love it. Henry’s however, is complimentary, which is always nice. Finding a seat at the front bar, a kind bartender named Jarrod handed over a menu. I’d made it just in time for happy hour. I decided to order one of the Charged Cocktails. Normally, $10, they were half off until 7PM. To begin, I wanted something not overly sweet. I started with The Eastwood, a mixture of bourbon, plum, ginger, citrus and soda. Sipping, I began to really look around at this place. The sign above the bar read PRESCRIPTIONS in a relaxed, white lit font. The entire place seemed to be covered in a deep dark brown wood, giving it an air of classy cool, with a rustic twist. Having opened at the end of 2014, Henry’s has certainly made its presence known. Receiving accolades from D Magazine, to the Dallas Observer, this place has made bar food and booze believers out of plenty. Finally, it’s my turn.

The view from above of Ford's Cooler, my favorite refreshing crisp cucumber cocktail of the evening.
The view from above of Ford’s Cooler, my favorite refreshing crisp cucumber cocktail of the evening.

Sipping the drink, I carefully glanced over the menu. Several items jumped out, from the maple bourbon meatballs, whole grilled market fish tacos and of course the Henry’s Marrow Spiked Burger. Seeing my confusion, the ever helpful Jarrod confided in his love for the burger. At one point, he was eating two a day. It was then I knew I needed to give this goodness a go.

Just before 7, I decided to order another Charged Cocktail. This time I went lighter, getting a Ford’s Cooler, made with gin, grapefruit liquor, cucumber, water, lemon and sugar. The refreshing flavor of the cucumber and grapefruit cancelled any chance of an overly syrupy sweet taste. After a few sips, I realized it may be my favorite of the two cocktails. Shortly after coming to this conclusion, a sweet lady approached my left side, bearing a white plate of gifts just for me. She delicately lay the rectangular plate before me. The burger commanded center of attention, but the mixed greens and chips served with it were not about to fade into the background.

All burgers should aspire to this. I'm just saying.
All burgers should aspire to this. I’m just saying.

Cutting the hamburgesa in half, I took my first bite.  The room fell silent and everyone stared with a collective knowing grin. I was finally hip to bone marrow burger game.

The juicy smoky smoothness of the Akaushi, soft creamy sharpness of the cheddar, saltiness of thick bacon, sweetness of caramelized onions and let us not forget, the pickled aioli all closed between a lovely brioche bun. Don’t even THINK about adding ketchup, mustard or mayo. It is quite unnecessary friends.  The house made potato chips tossed in “Henry’s seasoning” were slightly thick and very crunchy, while the mixed green salad rounded out the entire grub down experience, providing that nice veggie balance. After each bite from my burger, salad and chips, I felt my heart smile a little brighter.

I can officially say it’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten.  In the end, unlike my pal Jarrod, I could only partake in half of the burger, packing the rest to go.

After the meal, I got a chance to peek inside Atwater Alley, an extra cool speakeasy also owned by the good folks at Henry’s Majestic. Just around the corner from the restaurant, the secluded intimate two story bar has a very comfortable swanky feel to it. Though only there for a moment, I immediately understood why this coolness had to exist. But that my friends, is meant for another time.

I will definitely be returning to Henry’s. Perhaps to try a few $1 oysters, mimosas, live music, and marrow bones. But, whatever I order, I’m sure it’ll be served with magic. TXMB


Where to find them- 4900 McKinney Ave. @ Monticello  Dallas, TX. 75205

Phone (469) 893-9400

That whole parking thing-Well, the lot is pretty tiny, and in this particular part of town, you can often be hard pressed to find street parking. Do yourself a favor and valet. You know it’s the golden Dallas rule.