The End of Cheating at Nazca Kitchen

Nazca Kitchen

Seafood Stuffed Avocado
Frozen Pisco Sour
Fish Ceviche
Chilean Spiced Shrimp
Delightfully rich drinking chocolate. It's pretty perfect with the bread pudding.
Rum Bread Pudding

We all appreciate a good cheat day. Ordering butter, cheese and fried themed foods just because you deserve it and it tastes so good. Sure, it may come at the expense of a food coma and a wardrobe upgrade to stretch pants, but, you’ve already committed to cheating for the day. But, what if you could fork around without consequences and cheat days could be every day. Enter Nazca Kitchen.

Truthfully there’s really no room to be “bad, bad” at Nazca. It’s not exactly tolerated. The light and airy environment directly translates to the menu which takes a healthier approach to South American cuisine. Here, you can actually afford to get bread wasted because it’s made with tapioca, mozzarella and sea salt. Even the sangria which is crafted with pomegranate, blueberry, acai and organic wine, may leave you wondering if this is a cocktail or a cleanse. The Fresh Pisco Sour isn’t so subtle with the booze, they come out and say hello in this delightfully frozen mix of fresh lime, egg whites and bitters.

Even with healthier options, Nazca does not lose sight of their main ingredient; flavor. Much of this can be attributed to the Director of Nazca, Shawn Horne. Though menu options are health conscious, your palate doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything, something that’s very important to Horne. The Fish Ceviche for example is made South American style with fresh tilapia, red onions, jicama and aji-mango-lime dressing. The appetizer is garnished with sweet potato, grilled corn and criolla. It’s the zestiness you never knew you needed to experience.

For the main entrees there are a number of options such as the popular Nazca Roasted Half Chicken which is marinated for 24 hours, roasted then flame glazed with your choice of herb sauce, medium aji pepper or hot sauce. With the Chilean Spiced Grilled Shrimp you are taken on a lite excursion with 12 nicely grilled shrimp, a medley of fresh veggies, including sweet cobs of corn, fluffy Latin rice, and the condiment that makes everything better, garlic butter with lemon. The dish is filling, but your belly won’t be crowded. That isn’t exactly the case with the Seafood Stuffed Avocado. A large avocado is split in half, panko crusted and filled with a seafood blend and house made cheese sauce then served over a bed of rice and butter leaf jicama salad. This dish is made with the avocado advocate in mind. If you’re shy about avocado in any way, then I vote for the Chilean Spiced Shrimp.

After forking around with the main dishes it’s imperative that you experience dessert. Keeping with the guiltless theme, you’ll want to try the creamy carrot cake with goat cheese mousse. It’s a sweet reminder of just how versatile goat cheese is. Another must try is the Nazca Rum Bread Pudding served with rum caramel sauce. It is especially delightful when paired with their deep, thick, rich South American Drinking Chocolate.

With their light and flavor-filled menu, Nazca Kitchen proves you can have it all. Delicious and healthy can maintain a harmonious and committed relationship without one overtaking the other. Maybe there is something to staying faithful. TXmB


Where to find them-  3700  Suite 140 | Dallas, TX 75204 McKinney

Phone – 469-420-5926

That whole parking thing – Street, valet or garage. Pick your poison. 


Author: Brittani Robinson

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