Austin Eastciders Launches Ruby Red Grapefruit Cider

Grapefruit lovers, get ready to bow down to a new brew. Austin Eastciders has launched their latest flavor, Ruby Red Grapefruit Cider. An homage to a favorite Texas fruit, the cider is a delightful brewtiful combination of bitter, tart and slight sweetness.  Austin Eastciders is taking over the cider game with their refreshing gluten free and certified kosher brews. Based out of Austin, Texas, the company just opened a 1,960-square-foot tasting room in their hometown. They currently hold the number one spot for craft cider in Texas, and number three nationally. The ciders can be purchased in  various locations across the US. Current flavors include, the Original, Pineapple, Hopped, Texas Honey,…

Happy Hour at Abacus is Worth the Time

Abacus 5 Stars Cocktails should be boozy enough to wash away the memories of that agonizing meeting you had earlier and delicious enough that after every sip, you give a bit of a head nod, even if no one is talking to you. The food should be a mixture of fun and sophistication, serving as an edible elixir chaser. An unforgettable happy hour is able to assemble these two without sipping away at your wallet in the process. Recently, a legend named Abacus stepped into the happy hour world, possibly changing the game forever. During my second visit to Abacus, I was once again intrigued by this place. The ambiance…

Baileys Almande is Light and Lovely

Baileys Liqueur and I have had a thing going on for many, many years. Oatmeal and Buttery Nipple  shots have become a part of me. So you can understand my mixed feelings of concern and intrigue when I first heard about the new Baileys Almande. The new gluten free, dairy free liqueur is made with almond milk and real vanilla. Lighter than original Baileys, the flavor is classically creamy with a nutty finish. I sampled the Almande frapped up in a blender with ice, on the rocks and paired with a dash of coconut water. My favorite was the frape. Crisp, cold and lovely. The best part about Baileys Almande is,…