Cantina Laredo Introduces Tasty New Menu

Cantina Laredo $$ Go for– You’ll definitely want to try the tender steak fajita burrito and the camaron y chorizo empanadas. Where to find them- 4546 Belt Line Road Addison, TX 75244 Phone-  (972) 458-0962 That whole parking thing- The lot is rather large here, so the good news is you don’t need to worry about valet. Thank goodness!

Cheap Thrill? Look No Further than El Rey Del Grill

Lunch 15 rolled around, and my coworker and I got a hankering for something. Something meaty, something cheesy. Off we went, allowing our desires for meat and cheese to lead the way. We ended up at a tiny joint called El Rey Del Grill. The place is about as unassuming as they come. It’s not the prettiest domain about town, but ugliness has never come between me and my food. Pictures of various dishes lined the outside of the building, displaying for all to see what “comida” they had to offer. We entered. Inside we are greeted with more pictures of their offerings, along with prices. Looking over the walled…