Cheap Thrill? Look No Further than El Rey Del Grill

Lunch 15 rolled around, and my coworker and I got a hankering for something. Something meaty, something cheesy. Off we went, allowing our desires for meat and cheese to lead the way. We ended up at a tiny joint called El Rey Del Grill. The place is about as unassuming as they come. It’s not the prettiest domain about town, but ugliness has never come between me and my food. Pictures of various dishes lined the outside of the building, displaying for all to see what “comida” they had to offer. We entered. Inside we are greeted with more pictures of their offerings, along with prices. Looking over the walled…

Tuesday Margarita Delight at E Bar

E-Bar Tex Mex- 3.5 Stars TxMb Tuesday after the gruel of the grind, it’s time to unwind. Or perhaps you fancy yourself a hooky player and decided to call “the man” while fictitiously harking up a lung. Whatever your story, you still deserve a margarita. E Bar is a wonderful place to be on a tipsy Tuesday. All day long they are serving up $3 margaritas. It’s actually a lovely good thing because they don’t skimp on the tequila and they are open until 2am. Yes. You can go frozen or get really crazy and get it on the rocks. Oh, and by the way, E Bar is also a…

Benny’s Bagels has Lox of Love to Give

Benny’s Bagels- 5 Stars TXmb When a girl is denied the glory of bagels and lox in her life something awful happens. She becomes obsessive. Searching high and low, she attempts to satisfy the cravings with not so great versions of a classic. Led by discontent, she finds herself booking the next flight to NYC. It is clear the plight for bagels and lox is real. Saturday morning came and went like it always does. Once the afternoon rolled around my stomach and brain initiated a conversation on bagels and lox. Together they shouted in dramatic dismay. The only real solution was Einstein Bros. A chain. They’d let me down…