Shell Shack Makes Henderson Home

Shell Shack – 4 Stars Seasoning soaked fingers are getting easier to come by. Shell Shack Uptown closed their doors recently and reopened a bigger, shellier space on Henderson Ave. This is just one of several latest Shell Shack locations to open. With the Henderson spot, Shell Shack is giving customers more patio space, more drinks and plenty of seafood. If you’ve never been, I always recommend going for a bag, preferably the Kitchen Sink with Dungeness crab, tators, sausage and broccoli. Crab connoisseurs should try the bairdi snow crabs here. It’s a little sweeter but less dense than your standard snow. According to Chief Executive Officer of Shell Shack,…

The Ragin’ Crab Nab

The Ragin’ Crab- 2Stars Extra seasoned and all the fixings in a sturdy large plastic boiling bag. You could say the Boiling Crab started this frenzy. It would seem based on the long waits at both Shell Shack, and Boiling Crab there is clearly something to this delicious way of getting your crab fix. Unfortunately, just because it’s proven to be tasty, doesn’t mean everyone knows what’s “cracking.” It was a Sunday afternoon and I was feeling a tad undernourished. Having had a hankering for chicken and waffles all day long, I was quite sad since it was after 4PM and brunch was officially ending.  So, driving half hungry, half…