Grand Opening of Val’s Cheesecake

Val’s Cheesecake Within an hour they were already sold out of cookies and cream, and lemon poppy seed jars. Moments after that, they would be sold out of the red velvet cheesecake jars as well. The grand opening of Val’s Cheesecake was a hit and then some on last Tuesday, June 30. The event brought out a number of sweet and savory toothed lovers ready to support the exciting new endeavor of owners Valery Jean-Bart and Christopher Reece. Easy Slider food truck was once again wonderful with their mouthwatering sliders, (shout out to my favorite, Sweet and Lowdown), and the Grapevine Bar, Val’s new next door neighbor served as the…

When Cheesecake was Born in Dallas

Chunky cookies crumble away into a food processor, creating a smooth brown crunchy mix. Butter is added and the mix becomes even smoother. Later, he grinds up a few more cookies and mixes them into a creamy batter that my eyes salivate over. Sprinkling a few of the crushed cookies into the mix, he continues to stir. Before long, the cheesecake blend will make its way inside tiny jars, around 3.5 ounces, just enough to satiate the sweet tooth, even if you are watching your figure. The mastermind behind the mixer is Valery Jean-Bart, one of the founders of Val’s Cheesecake. Val, uses a tiny wooden spoon to taste the…