Venturing to Vagabond

Vagabond-Rated 3.75 Stars txMB Climaxing at the corner of famished and crazy I decided to treat myself to a wee bit of happiness hour. The evenings escape came in the form of the almost one year old eatery Vagabond. Located on lower Greenville, I’d seen this place before with its beautiful dancing flames outside that always illicit romantic feelings. Beyond that, the name is pretty cool. Inside, there were only a few souls, so I grabbed a seat at the bar. The bar is good sized, filled with plenty of different elixirs and an awesome man behind the booze named Mr. Salomon. More about his concoctions later. The menu isn’t large,…

Check Out the Pizza on that Cheese

Anvil Pub-Rated 4.5 stars TXmb Cheese is a separate food group. It just is. You can usually count on cheese to make any meal better than it would have been sans cheese. This belief flows right into the world of pizza. Now, let’s be clear, everyone enjoys their pizza a certain way. There’s a whole array of crusts and toppings to choose from, but that’s not what we are focusing on. Today’s lesson is in super thin crust some tasty ingredients and the over powerfully amazing mozzarella that loved them. Anvil Pub is a bar located in Deep Ellum. This bar is greatness because of its high ceilings, dark wood,…

Tuesday Margarita Delight at E Bar

E-Bar Tex Mex- 3.5 Stars TxMb Tuesday after the gruel of the grind, it’s time to unwind. Or perhaps you fancy yourself a hooky player and decided to call “the man” while fictitiously harking up a lung. Whatever your story, you still deserve a margarita. E Bar is a wonderful place to be on a tipsy Tuesday. All day long they are serving up $3 margaritas. It’s actually a lovely good thing because they don’t skimp on the tequila and they are open until 2am. Yes. You can go frozen or get really crazy and get it on the rocks. Oh, and by the way, E Bar is also a…