There was no way I could consume them all. But, damnit if I didn’t try. The second annual Dallas Observer’s TACOLANDIA somehow managed to be better this year. From carnitas and barbecue beef to rabbit and duck, the tacos were a little heftier and the options more varied. Take a glimpse back at some of the bonita shelled beauties from this year’s festival. TXmB

I am always wowed by Revolver Taco Lounge from the fresh made tortillas, to the scrumptious rabbit inside they always give the palate a unique experience. Had to watch out for bones though.
This year Tabasco was a major sponsor. Who knew they made so many different flavors?
OK, so I am officially a fan of duck carnitas. Resident Taqueria really showed their quacks with this one. It was incredibly tender and juicy. They also served one of my ABSOLUTE favorite's their Cauliflower Taco.
LUCK was there.
The T. Blanco's Smoked Pulled Pork Taco was filled to the shell with smoky, tender pork and a semi sweet and pickley honey vinaigarette jicama slaw.
Taco lovers in their finest taco eating garb.
This barbeque taco was interesting. Didn't think I'd care much for barbeque sauce with a soft white corn shell, but I did rather enjoy it.
Margarita time B.
The quintessential taco eating face, performed by Christa of The EatsBlog.
These beautiful ladies quenched my thirst many times with their samples of Dos Equis.
When chomping down on tasty tacos, you need some great grooves to sop them up with. This DJ was all about it. Dancing happened for many people often during the event.
Dope tunes need a dope shirt.
The taco inspired diddy. I would have joined in, but my belly had surpassed the idea of dancing.
Spicy decor.
The mariachi band was in full effect.
The last one came from El Taxqueno Taqueria.
The best relationships are built from taco shells.
Towards the end people lost the pep in their step. Tacos won, and we'd all surrendered into gluttony.