Just because Valentine’s Day is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate the love in your life. Grab a toast with the one you appreciate the most at Pinstack. Now throughout the end of February, all Pinstack locations across DFW are offering a wine lovers dream with Love at First Flight. For only $20 you will both partake in two matching wine flights with three tastings for each of you and an extra special dessert. And, if you really want to find out if you and your sugarfoot compatible, take the test. Choose your favorite wine from the flight then mark the combination which most accurately describes your relationship. Are you a couple that’s ‘On cloud wine’ with Stags’ Leap, or more of an ‘Owl always love you’ with Lanarca? Personally, I fell sip first with Diseno, the malbec.

While sipping, and before wandering off to drive bumper cars, play laser tag, get bloody with the Walking Dead Pinball Machine or knocking down a few pins, check out the menu. You will find plenty of standard American fare options, but, with a Pinstakingly pleasant twist. All items are made from scratch here. So, there’s no need to wonder if those wings are actually going to be fresh or if the fries will taste of microwaved disappointment. They don’t even have microwaves! Speaking of tators, do yourself a favor and try the potato skins. They are loaded with mounds of brisket and cheddar cheese then charmingly served with a side of cheese sauce made with their lager. It’s the kind of appetizer that’s so fantastically Texan, you can’t imagine eating it anywhere else.

Before this month ends, make your way to Pinstack for their Love at First Flight Special. Find out if you two are truly meant to be or if your love is only meant to last for a flight. Ask for Bethany. TxMb


Where to find them- Various locations.

Phone- 214 .765.2695 (Las Colinas location)

That whole parking thing – Not too shabby at the Las Colinas location.