A little sweet, a little spicy, and a lot of good. Eateries Tacos Mariachi and One90 Smoked Meats have joined forces to create the ultimate brisket taco. Avocado mousse, jalapeno glaze, pico de gallo, cotija cheese and unforgettably tender, perfectly smokedbrisket from One90 come together inside a wonderfully buttery slightly crisp flour taco shell. You’re likely to get full after one, but, you’re also likely going to give in to the gluttony and just order a few more. I did. Get your brisket taco at either location. Sold on Wednesdays only at both locations, tacos are $5.75 each.

One90 Smoked Meats

 10240 Northwest Hwy

Dallas, TX 75238

Tacos Mariachi

602 Singleton Blvd

 Dallas, TX 75212