Mudhen Celebrates their Official Grand Opening

Massive chalkboards line either side of the space, listing in bold white letters, a multitude of vegetables. The eatery is clean, open, and earthy. If nature had a kitchen, this is what it would feel like.

For their official grand opening, the new Farmers Market restaurant, Mudhen Meat and Greens hosted a fundraiser benefiting The Bridge, a homeless recovery center. During the event guests had the opportunity to taste a few of the farm fresh options being dished out daily. The collard spring rolls had a spontaneous rhythm which mixed crispy textures from the cabbage and carrots with slick kelp noodles and creamy avocado with a tart, sweet vinaigrette. Kale crisps were extra light, and almost airy. Beet muhammara had almost a pureed consistency and left notes of chickpea and sweetness on my tongue. Roasted vegetables were also served. And I could barely contain my love for the pickled cauliflower.

Though richly focused on veggies, carnivores were not forgotten. The buffalo meatballs for example, are made with Bull Dancer Bison Ranch bison and mixed garlic and herbs served with a diavolo sauce which had an ever so slight hint of fire. A very tender, extra thinly sliced beef tenderloin blanketed avocado smeared crostini. Once again, I didn’t feel guilty, so I ate two. White and red vino were also served, along with two signature cocktails, one of which was the summer worthy cucumber mint refresher.

After a few more bites, guests were beckoned outdoors by restaurateur Shannon Wynne who discussed The Bridge and the concept behind Mudhen. The lady behind the healthy magic, executive chef Suki Otsuki joined Wynne onstage briefly.   Moments later he introduced a Dallas Stars jersey wearing Mayor Mike Rawlings who reiterated the importance of The Bridge.

The official grand opening for Mudhen gave event goers a little bit of everything. Fantastic atmosphere, live music, noteworthy beverages, and bites you could never feel guilty about. Healthy food and healthy transitions, all in nature’s kitchen. TXmb


Author: Brittani Robinson

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