Brewfest 2013 

The beginning.
Wrist band that sort of explains everything that you need to know about BrewFest.
Wearing the appropriate jewelry for this event is imperative. Everyone needs to be like this pretzel prince during the festivities.
Ladies who sip together are the best ladies.
All good things are here.
Brew time with the bestie.
A great brew in hand. You know it's got be amazing, I mean look at that bottle.
The END. #drunk

Brewfest is just around the corner and clearly this kid can’t wait. Take a gander at my short recap from 2013. Please note, it was written after having consumed quite a bit of brew. Thanks. 

Yet  again Brewfest was some kind of wonderful. Beer lovers could not have possibly been disappointed at the third annual event held in Dallas Arts District. Plenty of tasty brews, a wee bit of food, good music and whole lot of shenanigans made for a colossal evening. Plenty of folks came out sporting their tip top suds attire. A few found a way to accessorize their outfits with a tasteful beer can necklace. For those who were looking to one up the beer blingers they kept it flashy with a neck full of pretzel pride.

By the end of the evening, after having sampled (and finishing)at least 20, 2oz cups of all kinds of brews I found myself dancing randomly with people who also felt the need to dance. Also, intense conversations about hair, earrings and xylophones took place.

Cheers to Brewfest, an event where all your sudsy imaginations come to full fruition. TXmb