Abacus 5 Stars

A few of the cocktail offerings on the new happy hour menu. My favorite was the Big Daddy, pictured in the martini glass.

Cocktails should be boozy enough to wash away the memories of that agonizing meeting you had earlier and delicious enough that after every sip, you give a bit of a head nod, even if no one is talking to you. The food should be a mixture of fun and sophistication, serving as an edible elixir chaser. An unforgettable happy hour is able to assemble these two without sipping away at your wallet in the process. Recently, a legend named Abacus stepped into the happy hour world, possibly changing the game forever.

Avocado roll topped with spicy tun poke.

During my second visit to Abacus, I was once again intrigued by this place. The ambiance is smooth, sultry and relaxed. Similarly, the food here is always pretentious with just the right amount of cozy, a balancing act started by Chef Kent Rathbun and continuing with Abacus’ Executive Chef, Christopher Patrick. That balancing act can be seen yet again with the introduction of the restaurant’s happy hour. Served Tuesday – Friday from 5:00 PM -6:30 PM, the menu is small but inclusive. It features a mixture of five $12 appetizers, wine and six of their most hard hitting cocktails for $6, such as the oldie but goodies like Big Daddy and Killing Thyme. But, if you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, try the French 75 or their Barrel Aged Old Fashioned. It slips into that subtle smokiness right when you least expect it.

Texas Heartbrand Akauishi Sliders have a tasty bacon aioli, carmalized onions, and aged white cheddar and a sweet and spicy pickle. So good!

As for the food, you shan’t be disappointed. “We wanted user friendly, easy to understand dishes that everyone would be able to enjoy with their cocktails,” Chef Patrick explained. Their definitive Lobster Shooters, which are being featured for happy hour are a mouthful of soft and crispy lobster surrounded by sweet and tangy coconut sake sauce. It is sure to leave you beckoning for at least three more rounds. If that doesn’t satiate your fill for crustaceans, definitely try the Volcano Crab Dip. The idea here is similar to a volcano sushi roll. It’s made with Japanese Seven Spice, Sriracha, plenty of jumbo lump crab and just enough jack cheese to make it perfect. The appetizer is served with thick cut house made potato chips. You’ll want to go ahead and add this to things you’re likely to be addicted to for the remainder of your life.

Crispy Maple Leaf Farms Duck Confit

Because the sous chef really wanted to add a chicken nugget to the menu, one of the most intriguing bites is the Crispy Maple Leaf Duck Confit. Made with minced cilantro, scallions and shredded duck confit, it is breaded then deep fried and served under a slippery bed of tamarind barbeque sauce. Basically, what we have here is a chicken fried duck nugget.

Happy hour here is commendable. It showcases Abacus’ swoon worthy cuisine and cocktails at a slightly more affordable rate without sacrificing quality. Though it isn’t the most budget friendly version of my favorite time of day it would seem that they have found the perfect balance for this hour. TxMb


Where to find them- 4511 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX. 

Phone-  (214) 559-3111

That whole parking thing- Do the Dallas thing and just valet.