It’s not a stretch to say that Kenny’s Concepts seems a little bit incapable of screwing up their grub. At least that’s my consensus. Every Tuesday Kenny’s Smokehouse, located in the Shops at Legacy in Plano is now rolling up something extra special: Brisket Enchiladas.

If you’re a little skeptical,  ignore it and prepare your palate for unexpected Texas greatness.  Served three to a plate with a side salad, these things are like three smoky, meaty, saucy wrapped tender brisket blankets. They’ve got a tiny bit of heat and  a tiny bit of sweetness from the barbecue sauce. Finally,  they round out with the tender salty smokiness of the brisket. And, there’s cheddar cheese inside too. They’re topped off with a pepper jack cheese and both chipotle cream and barbeque sauces. One is quite filling, but if greed gets the best of you, then you may find yourself forkfully diving into lucky brisket blanket number two. The salad is lovely,  but there’s a chance you may not have room for it. If you want something a little less rabbit food like, switch it out for one of their other tasty sides like the barbecue beans. Enjoy the enchilada plate for just $12.99.  TxmB. 


Where to find them – 5760 Legacy Dr #4, Plano, TX 75024

Phone – (972) 473-7478

That whole parking thing – There’s garage parking, valet and a some 30 min spots too.