Peticolas-Rated 4.5 Stars txMB

Let me preface this by saying, while the focus of “Be Mine Red Velvet Valentine” is all things red velvet, this beer actually has nothing to do with Red Velvet. However, this very fine brewski made the cut.

Velvet Hammer and all its frothy foam glory.
Velvet Hammer and all its frothy foam glory.

“Smooth as velvet and hits you like a hammer.” Don’t you wish that was your real life tagline? Unfortunately friends, it’s already taken.  Velvet Hammer is a 9% Imperial Red Ale produced by the fun folks at Peticolas Brewing Company. The most popular brewski of their bunch of beers, this brew strikes a blow.

The start of it all. (left to right) Yeast, hops, malted barley, and water.
The start of it all. (left to right) Yeast, hops,beer, malted barley, and water.
Handful of Happy or Barley.
Handful of Happy or Malted Barley.

For the beerologists out there you should know Velvet Hammer has 85 IBUs making it a bit bitterer when it comes to hop usage. But the full bodied, dark malted  brew embodies notes of fruit, assuring an evenness in taste. The reddish toned beer definitely lingers on the palate and according to the makers of Velvet Hammer it pairs best with spicier cuisine.

Where good things come together. The brewery.
Where good things come together. The brewery.

You can get a mug full of Velvet Hammer at various bars and restaurants around Dallas. But for the curious connoisseur every first and third Saturday of the month Peticolas offers tours. For ten bucks (cash) you can partake in 3 of their brews, grab some grub from food trucks, listen to live tunes and take a gander at where all the froth is formed.  This Saturday, February 15, is the next tour. Maybe you and your sugar foot want to keep the celebration going, or you completely forgot about the day before. Just take them on this tour and you’ll look as smooth as velvet. TXMB


Where to find them-2026 Farrington Street, Dallas, TX. 75207


That whole parking thing- There’s a lot of manufacturing that goes on in this part of town. I did not see much parking here, but hey I could be wrong.