Trying a sample from one of the beauiful hostesses.

Baileys Liqueur and I have had a thing going on for many, many years. Oatmeal and Buttery Nipple  shots have become a part of me. So you can understand my mixed feelings of concern and intrigue when I first heard about the new Baileys Almande.

The new gluten free, dairy free liqueur is made with almond milk and real vanilla. Lighter than original Baileys, the flavor is classically creamy with a nutty finish. I sampled the Almande frapped up in a blender with ice, on the rocks and paired with a dash of coconut water. My favorite was the frape. Crisp, cold and lovely.

The best part about Baileys Almande is, it doesn’t skimp on the buzz. So, guess I’ll be taking shots of skinny Buttery Nipples from now on. txMB