The mad mixing man.
Just a little more mezcal for the sipping.
Super smooth not overly smoky mezcal.
Mezcal and tequila cocktails.

Las Perlas 5 Stars


Mezcal is not for everyone. It’s made for the brave. It’s made for those with tongues built for smoky rendezvous and bellies that burn with liquid fire. It is unique. But, the truth is you’re not always in the mood for a smoky tongue or a burning belly, which is why I was skeptical about visiting Las Perlas. Recently opened on 403 E. 7th Street in Austin, it’s the second Las Perlas location, and the first in Texas. The concept comes courtesy of the LA based 213 Hospitality, also the crafty creators of Half Step and Seven Grand Whiskey Bar. Las Perlas offers a uniquely delicious taste to mezcal. The mezcal served here is smoother than most. You don’t have to bear the taste, you appreciate it.

What to order – Although it’s not made with mezcal, the Las Perlas Margarita is quite the smooth operator. Or, try their Poblano Escobar. A classic since their inception in 2010, it’s a fiery blend of pineapple, poblano peppers, spiced up with cumin, and shaken with vida mezcal.

Where to find them – 405 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78701

Phone – NA

That whole parking thing – Hmm, this can be tough no matter what part of Austin you’re in. But, there is a lot across the street. Get your card or dollars ready.