A Glimpse Back at Chefs for Farmers Street Night Market 2019

    Another year down, and many more to go. This year there was fun had by all during the Chefs for Farmers Street Night Market. Presented by Audi and held for the second year in a row at Victory Park Lane, here’s a look into the festivities of the evening.    

The Return to Foodie Wonderland Part 1

twirled my fork in the pesto pasta, slipped the tainted green noodles into my mouth and chewed. Satisfying, sure. But, I knew that it had happened again. After attending Chefs For Farmers for another year I’d become a food prude. You may have already read how incredible Chefs For Farmers was this year, well, allow me to reiterate this fact again. This year, I had the delicious opportunity to experience both the Street Food Night Market on Saturday evening, and The Main Event held on Sunday. Held outdoors in the Design District, upon entering, my whole body turned into a taste bud. I began light, yet robust with New Orleans…