Sip, sip hooray! Once again it’s that time of the year where good people come together for a good cause all while gaining a good buzz. The Ultimate Cocktail Experience is back for its eighth year, and this time they’re bringing out the All Stars. Held at Deep Ellum’s Harlowe MXM this year on Sunday, October 13th, the event will feature five winners from previous UCE events. Per the usual, these talented booze bedazzlers are battling it out for the charity Triggers Toys. Unlike previous venues, Harlowe MXM is a little smaller than sippers are used to, but according to Bryan Townsend, creator of the Ultimate Cocktail Experience, that’s part of the magic. Once again Mr. Townsend answered a few questions about one of the hottest and booziest bashes in town.

Last year, UCE was held in Deep Ellum’s Bomb Factory.

This year you’re hosting The Ultimate Cocktail Experience at Harlowe MXM. In previous years, you’ve hosted the event at Klyde Warren Park and most recently, The Bomb Factory. Harlowe MXM is smaller than both of these venues, what made you decide to host the event here?

 Actually, Harlowe is a perfect location for this event because it can actually separate each experience so that the guest can really get a full sense of what each bar is trying to achieve.  We have so many activations/experiences that will blow peoples minds for sure.  We have a Mustache See-Saw, A crazy wall experience where you are handed a cocktail by bartenders’ hands sticking through the wall, Martini Experience and even a very very intimate cocktail experience for 8 guests at a time that is so incredible you just have to be here to see for yourself!

With a smaller space, what can event goers expect from the UCE this year?

That is easy…..expect the best party and event you have ever been too!  If you came last year then just know we are doing even more!  If you haven’t been in the past just envision something that will blow your mind around every corner!  We have so many events in DFW that are so similar and basically the same event and we wanted to do something that would flip that on it’s head.  What kind of creative event would happen if we got 100+ bartenders in a space and throw a party.  And every year we raise the bar for sure.

What is this year’s theme for the bartenders and mixologists involved?

This year is so exciting because it’s UCE All-Stars!  So, the previous 5 winners of UCE for the past 5 years are going to battle for the Ultimate Crown! This is the best of the best!

Do you expect the fundraiser to still bring in just as much money for Triggers Toys this year? 

Yes of course!  That is the entire point of this event.  That is why it is so exciting because while we throw the best event and experience, everyone is completely aligned that it’s 100% for charity and that is the entire point we all put in so much work to achieve the greatest party people have been too!!

Since all competing are All Stars this year, do you still have a favorite bartender you’re most excited to see? 

Well maybe you can pick your favorite because you have Kyle Hilla from Statler, Megan McClinton from The Usual in Ft Worth, Zach Smigel from Billy Can-Can, Andrew Stofko from Te Deseo and Nicholas Grammer……good luck picking your favorite as this is next level for sure.  I would even go as far as saying good luck finding a great drink on October 13th as they are all going to be at UCE!

How many cocktails will each team be responsible for creating?

At the moment each team will have approx. 7-8 cocktails PLUS we have about 10 different activations around the entire property.  Each activation is completely different and each cocktail is going to be so mind blowing because this is UCE All-Stars!

Would you like to add anything else to this interview?  

I think the only thing I can say is if you want to attend an event where around every corner is something so different, so exciting and so insane this is the event for you!  Over 100 bartenders all using their creative skills and it’s all 100% for Trigger’s Toys and we are able to help our community in some amazing ways.  If you haven’t been, please, you gotta see this.  If you have been you already know!  See you on October 13th at Harlow MXM!!!! TxMb