Anvil Pub-Rated 4.5 stars TXmb

Cheese is a separate food group. It just is. You can usually count on cheese to make any meal better than it would have been sans cheese. This belief flows right into the world of pizza. Now, let’s be clear, everyone enjoys their pizza a certain way. There’s a whole array of crusts and toppings to choose from, but that’s not what we are focusing on. Today’s lesson is in super thin crust some tasty ingredients and the over powerfully amazing mozzarella that loved them.

Because, look at me.
Because, look at me.
 Cheese. That is what is happening here. Cheese. Oh and chicken and pesto and sun-dried tomatoes
Cheese. That is what is happening here. Cheese. Oh, and chicken and pesto and sun dried tomatoes.

Anvil Pub is a bar located in Deep Ellum.

This bar is greatness because of its high ceilings, dark wood, wide windows

and half priced menu items on Tuesdays. Tuesday is a day to look forward to if cheese is your middle name. It’s mine. Anvil has a variety of items on their menu, but the pizza is what needs to happen for you cheese cousin. Choose whatever your heart desires for your pie, but the honest truth is it won’t matter much. See, the other ingredients are merely guests, the cheese is the innkeeper. Even still, my favorite pie is Chicken Pesto. Juicy chicken breasts mingle masterfully with fresh pesto sauce and sun dried tomatoes. And the mozzarella. Oh my word, the mozzarella. The mozzarella actually blankets the pie. Your eyes barely peek at anything else. Cheese cousin, you will bite into this thin crust pizza and never look back.

Of course this had to be done. Right cheese chums?
Carry one out, don’t mind if I do. Had to be done, right cheese chums?

Note, the pizzas are not huge, about 10 inches. You may decide to go for another pie after the first one. But pace yourself cheese chums. After all, tomorrow is another day. TXMB


Where to find them- 2638 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226

Phone-(214) 741-1271

That whole parking thing-Well guys you know my whole spiel on Deep Ellum and parking. Find yourself a meter or prepare to pay for some time in a lot.