This year, the gyro station allowed you to top your gyro as you see fit, so I didn't spare the tzatziki.
Skewered scrumptious souvlaki.
Loukoumades LOVE.
Grape leaves ready to be stuffed to create dolmades.
A wonderfully welcoming platter of lamb chops.
A crispy explosion of creamy feta. Spicy feta bites for the win.

Come rain or shine, people are going to get their gyros. The 62nd Greek Food Festival of Dallas was hit with a little bit of the wet stuff, but, the annual 3 day festival carried on. With their biggest turnout on Sunday, guests lined up for mouthwatering gyros, surrendered to the honeyed sweetness of loukoumades and gleefully chomped down on scrumptious souvlaki. And, don’t even talk about the spanakopita, dolmades or fried feta bites. Those are just the classics. New to this year’s festival was Galaktoboureko, a creamy custard held inside a flaky crispy phyllo pastry shell. It was a weekend of gracious grub, traditional Greek dancing and an all around wonderful time. Rain and all. Opa! TXMB