Bolsa-4.5 Stars txMB

Spiked. Spiced. Coffee. Cup. Happiness.
Spiked. Spiced. Creamy. Cup. Happiness. Campfire Coffee.

Two chilly chickadees chasing warmth on a particularly brisk December day in Dallas decided to try their luck in the Bishop Arts District. Sick of seeking a fireplace for heat, they chose booze for the bones at Bolsa. Inside, it was inviting and endearing. They picked up their chatter about life, and all that it entails and ordered a few cozy cocktails. To their wonderful delight, they came out just right. Great Campfire Coffee, cleverly composed with , whipped cream, brown simple syrup, cayenne pepper, and a few shots of Irish Whiskey. Laughing and sipping away, they realized that this had been a wonderful and giddy December Texas day. TXMB






Where to find them- 614 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208

Phone-(214) 367-9367

That whole parking thing-Man Bishop Arts stays busy. Your best bet is to park where you can (read all signs) and wear flats or tennis unless you don’t mind shelling out the green stuff for valet.