A very intoxicating bowl of meatball pho.
A very intoxicating bowl of meatball pho.

Vietnam Restaurant Bar and Grill- 4.5 stars 

Teeny tiny shorts, my most awesomest UT sweatshirt, and shin splitting tennis shoes were my attire of choice for lightly jogging in 40 degree weather. Pushing little by little just to get through a couple of miles, I stared down at my freezing cold thighs and immediately craved something warm. It had been months, and the need was getting to be a bit much. Hustling through the two miles, I hoped in Old Blue, and headed down Bryan Street.

When the rest of Dallas is pushing eggs and bacon to hungered breakfast goers at 9 AM, Vietnam is serving pho. You can imagine my shock walking in and finding a fella devouring a bowl at such an early hour, following my immediate envy. “Are you guys open?” I asked. “Yes, come in,” said the man with the golden tongue. I looked at the menu, but my freezing cold bare legs did the ordering. Within a few minutes I was presented with two rather large smoking hot Vietnamese fried egg rolls. Smoke settled and I went in for the kill. The first bite sent me into total ecstasy. These may literally be the best egg rolls I’ve ever eaten. What makes the wonderful besides the extremely crispy deep fried shell is the inner mix of spices and meat. Oh the meat. They have to be the meatiest egg rolls ever. Served with a very light and subtly sweet dipping sauce, no one could ask for more.

Technically I was full after entering egg roll heaven. But a girl has got to get her pho you know. A steaming bowl of meatball exquisiteness entered my realm, and thoughts of fullness became a distant memory.

My small but not so small bowl of meatball pho came with a side of all the fixings, fresh basil, gobs of beansprouts, crunchy green jalapeños and strong cilantro. Yes. I fed it all to the pho, along with a few squirts of Sricaha and a dash of soy. Every bite of noodley, brothey, meatballey goodness, brought an ever growing grin to my face and above all, warmth to my body.In the end I spent 11 bucks. I left with a crazy full belly, plenty of pho to go and warm legs. My advice; drop the bacon and eggs, get some pho instead. TXMB


Where to find them- 4302 Bryan St, Dallas, TX 75204

Phone- (214) 821-4542

That whole parking thing-Now this can be tricky. They have a tad bit of street parking. There are also different lots in the area. Just do me a solid and read the signs before you turn off your vehicle and park it.