Patti Snell beholding coffee treasure.
Cake is the best way to celebrate success.
Local brew+Patti's tea=Jelly=The best friend of cheese.
Patti's awesome neighbor brought in some epic smoked sausage.
Jaime Wiggins,  Amazeballz Owner (left), Patti Snell, Patti's Place Owner (right)
Chocolate Cake Balls by Amazeballs
A bit of loose leaf tea from Patti.
These deviled eggs were sinful.
Jaime really did her thing with the cake balls. Both the chocolate and vanilla flavors were super moist. I could have eaten all of these. All of them.
Where the magic in the kitchen happens.
Masterfully made macaroons. Yummy to the tummy.
Some of Patti's delicious coffee.
Perfect dishes for sipping some of Patti's Tea.