The Festive Kitchen-Rated 4.5 Stars TxMB

Yup, these are Red Velvet Cookies. Yeah.

Freshly prepared, packed and ready for the taking. That’s the exquisiteness of The Festive Kitchen. Maybe you are in charge of the office spread and looking for delectable doosies to win over the coworkers. They’ve got it covered. Nice night inside with your sugar foot, the pals, or playing it solo with a full course meal. This too can be done. Everything is made from scratch here, no preservatives. The menus are extensive, filled with plenty of tasty treasures, but on this day we focus on their homage to the velvet which is red.

Let us begin with the cookie. Here, the cookie, or rather cookie dough is honored in so many versions, but today is a day for red velvet. The Festive Kitchen’s cookie dough is known as “The best cookie dough in Big D” for good reason. Perfectly rounded, the balls come 24 to a bag for $17.95. They are a deep, deep velvety red color and mixed with white Ghirardelli and semi-sweet Ghirardelli chocolate. The smooth moisture that happens when biting into this cookie is rather unreal. Until you realize, you haven’t tried the bars.

Cookies and dough. Who could ask for anything more?
Cookies and dough. Who could ask for anything more?

The Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownies are a collision of loveliness, chocolate and cream cheese. Like the cookie dough balls these come frozen. The bars are $18.95. Just cut a few (or all of them, no judgment) out of the tray, pop them in the oven and prepare your mouth for dessert deliciousness.

Red. Velvet. Brownies.
Red. Velvet. Brownies.

There are days when you may be unstoppable in the kitchen, and there are days you may just need to stop. Thank goodness there’s a kitchen that understands our

culinary limitations. Happy Red Velvet Revelry Day! TXMB



Where to find them- Various locations.