Tiny Victories – 5 Stars

The same place you can sip a Sazerac is the same place you can swig My Neck, My Daq. Mix 2 parts hip hop hipster, 1 part swank then round it out with the neighborhood bar, shake it up and you’ll pour out Tiny Victories.

Just a few skips from the Bishop Arts District, Tiny Victories is part of the changing face of Oak Cliff. It cannot be denied that gentrification has taken up residency in the Cliff, yet with a slight eye roll and clenched teeth, dare I say a few jewels have erected throughout the process. Tiny Victories is one of them. It has a coziness and an ease which makes it inviting instead of invasive. This is no small feat when discussing the big G. True, you’ll find your trendy twenty somethings itching to be seen, but there’s the business lady seeking a smooth sip after a taxing day and that adorable new couple who just devoured dinner and now they simply need a nightcap and an hour or so of eye sexing each other over vodka.

As welcoming as this bar is, it would behoove you to know a few classic rap tracks before visiting.  Subtle flecks of fleek adorn this joint. Like the framed drawing of an owl with the Cursive writing underneath that reads, Hootie Hoo, a cute tribute to ATLs finest, Outkast. Or the small round embroidered circle that pays homage to Beyonce’s boo, aka the G.O.A.T., Jay Z which rightfully declares in all caps, “LADIES IS PIMPS TOO.” But the hip hop hooray doesn’t just stop with the décor, it’s in the cocktails too.

The Blu-Tang Clan, which is featured on the Future Classics section of the menu, combines the all important mezcal with agave, lime, grapefruit, butterfly pea curaco and Banane du Bresil. Per Paul, (and yes, you should definitely ask for Paul), since egg whites aren’t the nicest smelling thing in the world the Banane du Bresil helps to hide the scent while rounding out this frothy blue drink. Sometimes though, you just gotta Back Dat Cass Up. Selected as the People’s Choice, this gin forward cocktail is made with Crème de Casis, it isn’t too sweet and manages to obtain plenty of balance from the lemon and ginger. The kind of balance necessary for correctly backing dat ass up.

Of course, hip hop isn’t everyone’s jam, and that’s alright because there’s plenty of other options here too. Standards like the Aviation and Pisco Sour are part of the Classics portion of the menu. Even if you’re not in the mood for an actual cocktail they’ve got a rather lengthy list of booze, particularly bourbon whiskeys.

With it’s laid back approach and a few cleverly named cocktails, this spot is worth the buzz. And if you happen to hear C.R.E.A.M while sipping on a Blu-Tang-Clan, that’s a tiny victory in itself. TXMB


Where to find them- 604 N Tyler St, Dallas, TX 75208

Phone- (972) 685-7055

That whole parking thing – The have a small parking lot, so if it’s crowded, you may find yourself on the street.